About Us

Keep It Soft is a Belgian IT services company that was created in 2012. We are specialized in Microsoft development technologies and our goal it to help our customers make the best choices when they start a new project or want to review one so that it respects the best practices of software design. We developed our own framework and application templates that allow you to quickly start new projects with robust, adaptable and extensible design without reinventing the wheel.

A Word About Myself

During my career as a consultant, I was very lucky to always work for big customers from whom I learned a lot and had the opportunity to evolve very quickly. Because yes, luck it is. We cannot always learn alone. And being part of a big team with experienced and less experienced people is the best way to learn fast from each other. Big customers often mean well organized projects, available resources and thus available time to make a good design. And that’s what I saw when I still was a full-time developer : big teams, big projects, big design, big testing,… And in that kind of situation, I would say that there is almost no barrier to prevent you from applying all best practices. Two people had a huge impact on my work. The first one was my technical manager. He taught me about architecture how to be organized in my projects. The second guy was a 20+ experienced software designer I met at Bombardier. He is the one who made me want to be a designer. He always first showed us what happens when you have a bad design before setting up a good one so that we really were aware of the reasons why it had to be done that way.

Then I met another customer that was pretty different. It still was a big company but they were not IT minded at all. They had one or two IT guys maximum in each country to manage both their infrastructure and their software products with almost no centralized systems. So when I came with my organization and design ideas, I faced a brand new situation. And although they understood that I was right at a long-term perspective, I immediately knew that it would not be possible to ask for resources I had been used to work with. But I wanted to respond to this challenge anyway. That’s when I started to think about a different kind of design, one which would not only be suited for big teams or experts. I didn’t change my framework but I decided to create an application template that would use it and that would be design-ready, for both small and big projects. It is up to my customers to use it the way they want. They don’t need to have knowledge in architecture or design, even if it is always better to understand what happens behind the scene and why you have to develop that way.

I hope you will challenge us with new projects. Please feel free to contact us if you want to meet us or need more information about what we can do to help you.