Resetting Team Foundation Server configuration

As already discussed in other articles, configuring Team Foundation Server via the administrative console is very simple. But it may happen that we make a mistake and we want to start from scratch. Unfortunately, once the configuration is complete with the wizard, the Home screen turns into a summary screen. It is of course possible on this screen to modify the options one by one but it is sometimes insufficient. A complete reset is then necessary. However, this operation is not available in the Administration Console. It will have to be done by command line. Anything related to the configuration of TFS and its components is linked to the TFSConfig command. Deconfiguration is no exception. To this must be added the options as well as the components to be reset. In the end, we get the following command:
TFSConfig setup / uninstall: all
This command resets all components but can be done individually by replacing the all by the names of components separated by ;