Installing Team Foundation Server 2012

Installing Team Foundation Server 2012 is extremely simple, even simpler than its big brother’s, and its configuration is not much more difficult. Today we’ll see the few steps of the installation process. I’ll talk about this process for your information only, because honestly, except clicking on the Install button, you won’t have much things to do. When the setup is launched, you’ll see the usual welcome screen (Figure 1).


Figure 1

When you click on the Install button, your job is done. Unlike previous versions of Team Foundation Server, the selection of features you want on your server is not done here, but rather during the configuration (which I’ll describe in another post). So you just have to wait while the installation steps are completing (Figure 2).


Figure 2

Once the components are installed, the process will check whether updates are available. Afterwards you’ll get a report screen with a Close button to finish the job (Figure 3).


Figure 3