Run as different user

By default, Visual Studio uses your Windows credentials to connect to external resources like Team Foundation Server. But sometimes you would like to connect with another account. If I stick to my TFS example, if my account doesn’t have the rights, a dialog box will appear so that I can enter the credentials I want. But otherwise, it will automatically connect and there is no integrated feature to switch to another account. You could of course go to the credentials manager and delete them but this is quite tedious. There is however a small Windows tip many people don’t know. You probably already know the Run as administrator option which is available in the context menu of most applications since Windows Vista. Well you know what, Visual Studio provides an additional option to use any account to run the application. For this purpose, you just have to hold the Shift key before right clicking the Visual Studio icon. You’ll then see the Run as different user option
(Figure 1).


Figure 1